🌸Pretty in Pink🌸

♥Happy Sunday!!♥

I thought I would share my experience of dying my hair pink!! Yeah, I never thought I would either but it’s only temporary. I used the Maria Nila colour refresh pots in the colour Pink Pop to die my hair. I thought I would share some before and afters along with what my hair looked like after a few washes. I love this hair dye as it is non-permanent, makes my hair still feel soft, smells amazing and also only last 8 washes or thereabouts. For someone obsessed with dying her hair, their products are perfect.

My hair when first dyed with Pink Pop was so bright I felt like a highlighter but in the best way possible. I loved how vibrant the colour was. That being said I could not wait to see what the colour would look like as it faded out.

After about two washes it faded into a multi-tonal pink. Which I loved!! It reminded me a little of the fruit salad sweets, I used to have as a kid.

I have to confess that although I was originally going to try the colours separately, four washes into the pink I decided to add the Lavender Colour Refresh pot to the tips of my hair. I felt like a unicorn.

After 8 washes it has faded to a pastel rainbow effect. Which is one of my favourite looks from this hair dye.

Having pink hair was fun while it lasted but it’s definitely time for a change.. So now we go blue…

Have you dyed your hair before or not? What is your favourite hair colour?

Love always,

Gee xo

3 thoughts on “🌸Pretty in Pink🌸

  1. I really like the first color! So bright and beautiful .. And the third one looks a little rose gold-ish from the picture – my favorite color haha! I’ve dyed my hair red and I love it, it’s just SO much maintenance.

    1. Thank you so much 💖 haha rose gold is one of my favourite colours also. I have had red hair definitely a lot of maintenance.. have you tried putting a tiny bit of your dye into your conditioner it makes the colour last a tiny bit longer 💖💖

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