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♥Wuthering Heights: A Book Review♥

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Recently I was gifted, some of the Penguin Cloth Classic books as I love reading and have become obsessed with the pure beauty of the designs on the covers of these books. Each cover is different and unique but the beauty never fails to prevail.


I thought today I would share a review on one of my favourites, in this case, the stunning tale of Cathy and Heathcliff written by Miss Emily Bronte in the form of Wuthering Heights. A truly beautiful classic novel which at its time of original publication was undoubtedly underrated.

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte.

Wuthering Heights as a novel is one that I have read several times, each time having a completely different opinion on the novel and coming to a different conclusion each time. The first time I read Wuthering Heights was as a teenager obsessed with classic novels and romantic stories. The first time reading I have to admit I was not really a fan of the works, it was not the typical romance story popular at its time of publication.

Upon the second time reading it I have to say that I enjoyed it slightly more but still was never 100%. I now, as of a couple of weeks ago have read this book for the third time but this was not without doing some research first on the author and the book itself. I am positive this is what helped me understand and appreciate the wonder and talent shown by Miss Emily Bronte in this stunningly beautiful and controversial gothic romance novel.

I have to say that at times I found ‘Wuthering Heights’ quite dark and intense. This is not to say that there were not a few sunny, happy scenes in the beginning and throughout the book, but most of the time it was dark and intense. I now understand that this was her aim as part of the gothic stylings within this novel. The part of the book where Heathcliff returns back to Wuthering Heights and proceeds to ruin the lives of Hindley and the Lintons was quite sad and tragic. I would like to think that I didn’t have many favourite characters in the story but I will say that for the majority of the book I had mixed opinions on all of the characters. I would also be lying if I said I did not understand why this has become a staple read for those looking for a romantic novel, I say this as it is not all hearts and roses like most romance novels but it is true. True love comes with its ups and downs, Wuthering Heights shows this in abundance.

This is the first romance novel I ever read without a happy ending, and the first book that taught me that love endures death. The wild, rebellious relationship between Cathy and Heathcliff is something that, in comparison to the literature of the time, is so refreshing. Emily Bronte was definitely an author who was not nearly as popular for her writing as she should have been for her time.

So there you have it my opinions on this beautifully confused novel.

Have you read Wuthering Heights? If so what do you think?

Love always,

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