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📖Genuine Fraud- A Book Review📖

♥Happy Sunday!!♥

It’s a bank holiday weekend and in my opinion the best time for a book review. I am aware I have been a little absent on this blog but I am back I promise! This week on the blog I thought it was about time for another book review. This week we are back with an author I have reviewed before and grown to love. E.Lockhart. This time we are reviewing Genuine Fraud and after how much I loved we were liars I could not wait to give it a read.

Genuine Fraud is a book that hits you with a wave of so many different emotions, laughter, love, loss and sadness, yet it is a book that will in one way or another connect with you. It features a badass heroin character who very much flies the flag for strong independent women, that being said she has a little secret.  Our main character Jule is on the run but not the kind of being on the run you see in moves, the kind of on the run that makes you want to get up and join her, in every country, every bar, every situation where she is flirting with people and enjoying her life. All this whilst going by the name of Imogen. (her best friends name.)  You see following the story of Jule on the run seems just as if she is escaping from life… that is until she is caught by an undercover cop and the whole story flips and we are now discovering what happened to Imogen.

From that moment on the book runs like a film fast-paced and full of action, without a lot of detail or at least that’s what it seems. Until you realise that every moment, action, the scene that is described has a point, a reference, an unspoken explanation as to why something has happened.

This novel is one that I loved reading as it was easy to read and follow. I also love that it has such a strong female lead throughout, as much as I sometimes think this can be done in a cheesy and unappealing way, E.Lockhart portrays Jule as a woman with goals she could never have reached at the start of the book but how determined she was to reach these goals. Jule is written to be a strong, smart, and sneaky women who unfortunately got her self into a situation that should have never happened. That being said the situation was not all bad as she got to experience the world as someone else.

I loved this novel and would recommend it to anyone who likes fast-paced thrillers with a killer female lead.

Have you read this book? If so what did you think? If not is it something you would enjoy?

I hope you enjoy the rest of your bank holiday whatever you plan to do.

Love Always,

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