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🦄 The Little Unicorn Gift Shop: A Book Review 🦄

🦄Happy Friday🦄

I have decided since I have a little time off over the summer I will try and post at least twice a week. It felt only right that this book start’s the posts off because and I can not stress this enough it includes 🦄UNICORNS🦄 and ☕️ TEA ☕️

Two of my favourite things ever. Therefore, it seems only right that this post should be filled with all things glitter and unicorns so just bear with me whilst I go way too over the top with this.

It may also need to be noted that whilst writing this post I am sat outside with a cup of tea taking in the sunshine.

Life’s always better with a little bit of sparkle.

Poppy and Ben have been best friends forever and now they’re embarking on a new adventure together – opening a joint unicorn gift shop and cafe. Ben has one rule; no unicorn paraphernalia is to cross into his tea shop. But Poppy has other ideas…

They’ve always been there for each other, at least until Poppy went travelling around the world – without Ben. But now she’s back and she’s determined to stay put, bringing a little bit of magic back into Ben’s life.

Can they go back to the way things once were or will the years of distance stand in the way of their new shop and blossoming romance?

Hopeless romantics are something that nowadays I think you see less and less, that being said I feel you see it more with people who cannot resist being enticed by a cheesy romance novel.

The Little Unicorn Gift Shop is everything you want a good old fashioned love story to be but it has 🦄UNICORNS🦄 and ☕️TEA☕️. I cannot stress how important this is.

The two main characters in this I promise will make your heart melt in seconds. This truly the love story that all or at least most girls dream of at a young age. It also shows the power of having a guy best friend. (yes I do miss mine).

From the moment you pick up this book, you are rooting for Ben and Poppy. I could not help but lose myself in the story, getting to know the characters and watching them build their business which let’s be honest is anyone’s dream because who does not love ☕️TEA ☕️and 🦄UNICORNS🦄.

Ben and Poppy are the kind of friends that I love reading about no matter the distance or how many stupid arguments they have they always seem to work things out and drift back together. I can not even try to explain why I fell in love with their friendship as quickly as I did but by the end of the book, I have never been more excited to see something work out.

Kellie, I salute you under normal circumstances I tend to get that little sad feeling reading about best friends who fall in love. But I can safely say this book and not just because of the 🦄unicorns🦄 and ☕️tea☕️,will hold a spot in my list of favourite books I have read this year.

If you have read this book let me know what you thought. If you haven’t read this yet I highly recommend reading it. It brings a sense of happiness and a feeling of warmth within.

Love Always,

Gee xo 🦄💖☕️✨

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