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🎭Everybody’s Talking About Jamie: A Theatre Review🎭

Happy Friday!!

I thought since it is the start of the weekend I would post a new theatre review! I know it has been a while since the last one but on Wednesday I had the opportunity to go and see Everybody’s Talking About Jamie with my Mumma! This one has been on my list of theatre shows I need to see for such a long time so finally getting to see this one was amazing! I know I say this a lot but I have far too many favourites when it comes to theatre shows but this is most certainly one that I am now adding to this list!

The Cast:

The cast of Everybody’s Talking About Jamie is insanely talented!

I was lucky enough to see it whilst one of my favourite people was in the cast Miss Rita Simons. Better known to most people as Miss Roxy Mitchell from Eastenders. So I was thrilled that I got to see her in the performance. She played Miss Hedge the careers advisor for the school! Her reminded me a little of Roxy because she was a strong and sassy woman.

I especially loved the little jokes that are thrown in the scenes with the Drag Queens whom may I just add are amazing! This time around Hugo/Loco Chanelle was played by Mr Bill Ward probably better known for his roles in both Emmerdale and Coronation Street! He brought a whole lot of laughter and a sense of humour to this performance but also becomes almost a role model for Jamie and this was so lovely to see and he portrayed himself so well. Also, have to thank him for being so lovely and stopping to take a photo with my Mumma who is now over the moon!

The entire cast had everyone mesmerised on the stage!

The Storyline:

Jamie New is a sixteen-year-old boy living on a council estate in Sheffield, Jamie is someone who for whatever reason does not feel like he fits in. Although he is worried about his future he knows he will be a success!  Supported by his mother and his friends, Jamie overcomes prejudice, bullies and steps out into his own spotlight!

If you like a heartwarming story that will have you laughing, crying and cheering this is a musical for you! Jamie is such a beautiful story that you cannot really help but love.

My opinion:

You have to add this to your must-see list immediately! I laughed and cried but left feeling so much joy! Jamie has a wonderfully talented cast and such a feel-good vibe to it!  I loved the prom scene because honestly, the stress of them getting ready for prom takes you right back to your prom! Although I wish my prom was half as fun as I imagine theirs would be!

If you liked Kinky Boots you will love Everybody’s Talking About Jamie!

Love Always,

Gee xo

3 thoughts on “🎭Everybody’s Talking About Jamie: A Theatre Review🎭

  1. I’d love to see this one! It’s really high on my list, I only didn’t get to it yet because this summer seemingly everything opened for a blooming limited run and I needed to see it all! 😂

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