😊SMILE MORE TOUR- A night with Jake Warner😊

Happy Saturday!!

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. I thought I would do something a little different today but kinda similar to my theatre reviews. On Wednesday I had the pleasure of going to watch a concert with one of my best friends. I say this I kinda dragged her to see Jake Warner on the last day of his Smile More tour after booking tickets based on the fact I saw him busking outside of The Brighton Centre a few months back whilst waiting to see The Vamps. And I just have to tell you all about it because WOW!!!

Jake Warner is a singer-songwriter from Leicester who I was first introduced to when he was busking outside of The Vamps show in Brighton. I then found out that this is something he did regularly and toured with other artists and busked outside of their shows. He then put together his own tour which he called the Smile More Tour and I loved the name of the tour because realistically we all should smile more!! Obviously, it was a must that I got tickets to his show but I never expected it to be as amazing as it was!

He had two opening acts who deserve their own mention because they were amazing and so talented. They were also so lovely to meet.

First up was Chloe Diana who is just the nicest girl and so super talented before the show I had the opportunity to meet her and I can not stress how lovely she was. (She told me she liked how my hair was styled.) She definitely made me feel so comfortable when taking photos with her. Chloe definitely had an amazing stage presence and the most amazing voice.


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