🎃👻My Favourite things about Autumn- Blogtober Day 2👻🎃

Happy October!!

Top 6 Favourite things about Autumn:

  1. Fall colours- The leaves change, and suddenly everything looks like it could go on Instagram. I love when everything starts to go all orange coloured and reds and browns.
  2.  The fact that I can wear fluffy jumpers again because who doesn’t love being cosy. And as much as I love the sunshine and being in flowy dresses, I also can not help but love it when its time for tights and knitted dresses and boots.
  3.  Halloween films- Any excuse to watch a good Halloween film daily which you think would be an over-exaggeration but I can promise you from the 1st of October we will be watching a Halloween film every night.
  4.  Autumn scented candles- THEY ARE THE BEST!!
  5.  Halloween!!!! Any excuse to have a get together with friends and family and dress up and have the best time ever sounds great to me.
  6.   Pumpkin Spiced Latte- well actually Pumpkin everything!

There are definitely many more reasons to love Autumn but 6 seemed like a long enough list for this post.

What are your favourite things about autumn?

Love Always,

Gee xo

4 thoughts on “🎃👻My Favourite things about Autumn- Blogtober Day 2👻🎃

  1. I love fluffy sweaters too,they are the best !And I have never tried anything pumpkin spice flavored , it’s not yet popular in Latvia.Great post❤️♥️💕

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