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🎃👻Waitress A Theatre Review- Blogtober Day 16 👻🎃

Happy October!

We are now officially over half way through Blogtober and it has not been without its challenges but I have to say it’s also been the most enjoyable experience!

Today I got to go and see Waitress in London! Which I must say I didn’t know a lot about but had to go and see! Especially as it is currently staring Joe Sugg and I’m not about to turn down that opportunity! Today’s post is my review of Waitress!

The storyline:

Not only is Waitress funny as hell but it’s storyline features and touches on some really hard hitting subjects like abuse, and being stuck in a relationship you are not happy in! Waitress is very clever in making the story easy to watch whilst touching on this subject. It also touches on two characters falling in love even though one of them is sceptical about love itself! The end of the story is a truly beautiful one that shows that no matter how hard life is there is always a reason to change and be happy and truly happy not just happy enough!

The cast:

Okay. The cast is insane each talented and with the most amazing voices but the actor playing Joe who owns the diner stole my heart he plays a grumpy old man who is seen to be rude and short but in reality has a heart of gold. His character was one of my favourites because he held such a charm about the way he acts.

The three main ladies in Waitress certainly made me wish I was their friend through their ups and downs throughout the show they never fail to make sure that they are all okay and have each other’s backs! Their talent is infinite a pleasure to watch.

Ogie now this character grips your heart from the beginning his geeky, shy yet charming character has you cheering for him from the moment he steps on stage. Played by Joe Sugg who never fails to amaze me with his talents, I was gripped from the beginning. Ogie has such a pure and generous heart that you can’t help but fall in love with him and his eccentric ways. Joe does this character so much justice it just had to be mentioned.

My experience:

Wow! Just WOW! Is all I can really say about this show from the moment that it started I was gripped by the story and the actors on stage! I laughed and I cried but both made for the most amazing show I have seen. I almost want to say it’s my favourite but I know I say that a lot. But it was truly a pleasure to sit and watch what was a moving yet charming show.

Extra fact it really does make you want pie!

Have you seen Waitress yet? If so what are you opinions? If not would you?

Love Always,

Gee xo

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