🎄What is Blogmas?🎄

❤️🎄Happy Saturday!🎄❤️

It is officially the last day in November so you know what that means tomorrow is the start of BLOGMAS!!! For the first year ever I will be participating in this! I thought a small post to explain what it is and how it is going to work would be a good place to start but did not want to waste a day of FESTIVITIES on this explanation.

Blogmas is when you write a blog post for every day in December leading up to CHRISTMAS DAY!! That is 24/25 posts depending on whether you have one for Christmas day. As you will know that is a lot of writing and putting them together, so I may have started this a little early to make sure they are all up to date and ready to go!

Anyone who knows me will know this is something that is right up my street as it is my favourite time of year! So let’s do this!!

I hope you enjoy my take on Blogmas! If you are taking part in Blogmas Good Luck and I can not wait to read them all.

Let the festivities begin.

Love Always,

Gee xo

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  1. Aah good luck I’m so excited for your posts and blogmas in general! I’m doing a post every other day until Christmas so I would love for you to keep up with mine too 😊 happy blogging and merry Christmas xx

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