🎄Christmas Memories- Blogmas Day 6🎄

Happy December!!

I hope you have all had an amazing first week of December and Blogmas! I cannot quite believe how quickly it has gone already! For today, I was feeling a little sentimental and thought it would be a nice idea to share some of my favourite Christmas memories/traditions. I thought I would put a limit on how many things I talked about because I could have gone on forever! So here are five of my favourite Christmas Memories.

1. Christmas Eve with my sister and Nephews!

This used to be a yearly thing where we would go and have a Chinese at my sisters and swap Christmas presents with my Nephews a day early. I used to love watching them open their presents and seeing their little faces light up. It also meant I had the opportunity to spend time with my sister and her partner! Although not something we do anymore it still is one of my favourite memories.

2. A Muppets Christmas Carol:

This one of my favourite Christmas films as you would already know if you had read my first Blogmas post but it is a tradition every year that my mumma and I sit and watch this at least a couple days before Christmas if not on Christmas eve. It just gives me such warm and fuzzy feelings. It puts me right in the Christmas Spirit.

3. Boxing Day with my dad:

As I spend Christmas day with mum, I always used to spend boxing day with my dad. Although it has not worked out like this for the last couple of years, I have such fond memories of being picked up on boxing day by my dad then getting to spend up until New years-ish with my family on my dad’s side. Always full of fun and laughter!

4. Christmas lights turn on:

Whether it be the London lights turn on since being in uni or the local lights beforehand. I have very rarely missed the Christmas Lights being turned on. I just think it makes you feel so much more Christmassy and ready to be in the Christmas spirit!

5. Pantomime 

Again another tradition of mumma and I! We never miss the local pantomime it just makes it feel so much more Christmassy and is such a good night full of laughter and amazing acting. The cast of the local pantomime is always the best and come across so well! You cannot help leaving with a smile and you most certainly want to do it again. I cannot wait for the Panto this year it is set to be the best yet!


What is your favourite Christmas memory or tradition?


Love Always,

Gee xo

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