🎄Bookish Christmas wish list- Blogmas Day 10🎄

Happy December!!

I cannot believe that it is the 10th of December already! It means that it is the festive season! I thought for this post I would do something a little different and create a list of five things I would like for Christmas! A Christmas Wish List if you will.  Not that it will be a shock to any of you but a lot of this list will be books.

  1. The Penguin Classic Book

I cannot explain this to anyone how beautiful this book is! It has a whole collection of all the Penguin books and a little bit of information surrounding them.


2. Seven Worlds One Planet

How amazing does this book look! Not only is it adorable but definitely educational it would make an amazing coffee table book.

img_26523. The Big Book of Christmas Mysteries:


img_26604. Hans Christian Anderson- Fairy Tales

I think it is just the most beautiful edition!

5. The Complete Sherlock Holmes

I feel this one does not need any explanation as to why this is on my Christmas Wish List because anyone who knows me well enough will know my obsession with Sherlock Holmes runs deep!


Okay so I am aware that most of these actually no all of these are book based but I just do not think there is anything better to open on Christmas day than a bunch of books that you know are going to get so much love.

What Bookish things are on your wish list this year?

Love Always,

Gee xo

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