πŸŽ„How to have an amazing Friendmas- Blogmas Day 19πŸŽ„

Happy December!

I hope you are all having a wonderful run-up to Christmas! Last week I had my first Christmas dinner with my housemates and it was the best night ever! Every year we have had an exchange of presents but this year I was in charge of the Christmas dinner! (This being said I did suggest that I cooked this year.) I have never been so nervous to cook for anyone ever!

That being said we had the best time ever! I loved actually spending some time cooking in the kitchen and spending some time with my favourite people.

Here are my top tips for a brilliant Friendmas!

  1. Make your favourite winter beverage


2. Β Bake with a friend (these are vegan cupcakes!)img_3131

3. Decoration is key!! (Santa has been early)




4. Food is essential. ( We went for an early Christmas roast!!)


What are your top tips for a perfect friendmas?

Love Always,

Gee xo

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