πŸŽ„Gift Guides *Free*- Blogmas Day 20πŸŽ„

Happy December!!

Blogmas Day 20 calls for a gift guide that gives you an alternative to spending lots of money this Christmas! Christmas is a time of year when we all tend to spend a lot more more than we should but sometimes the best presents you can give do not have to spend anything at all.

Here are some of my favourite ideas:

Phone A Friend:

Lots of elderly or lonely people don’t speak to anyone at this time of year. Even if it’s just taking 15 minutes out of your day to check in on your friends and family. The power of a phone call is a little stronger than you know!

Donate A Present:

Instead of buying those gifts for yourself that catch your eye or small unneeded gifts for others that will go to waste, why not buy them for people who really need them? Most shops nowadays have little baskets or buckets you can put these in and they then donate them to those who would not receive presents.

Visit and Be There:

Simply going to see someone can make a huge impact on their life. Taking some time out of your day to go and visit your friends and family will really have an impact on their day.
Spend that extra five minutes you have spare with friends and family.
Lend A Hand:
Volunteering has become something many of us would love to do. So why not take the time over Christmas or the next few months and lend a hand.
What is something you recommend giving without spending?

Love Always,

Gee xo

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