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Today I thought I would do something a little different and review a movie now most of you will know that in fact this is my all-time favourite film but it also felt right to review this movie today. (anyone who is close to me will know why.) When I first moved to uni my cousin bought me a little quote from The Breakfast Club in a frame as one of my first house items. I still have it up on my wall in my new flat just over 4 years later.

The plot:

A Criminal 

A Princess 

A Geek 

A Basket Case and A Jock.

Lets throw them in a Saturday detention together and see who much they actually have in common. 

The Breakfast Club is a coming-of-age high school dramatic comedy, it has the feel of an intimate play and career-defining performances from the young cast, director and writer John Hughes established his reputation as the voice of youth and mentor for a new generation of actors. It is a film although released in 1985, I have loved for years. As someone who was not born when it was released feel that the film offers and holds a story line that would still have the same impact on the viewer as then. Although I know many will complain that the filming is old fashioned and it isn’t a high tech as they would want to see.. the fact that this film is simple and almost like a theatre show/play in its simplicity is exactly why I feel it deserves a lot more credit than it often receives.

It is set on a Saturday in suburban Chicago, and five Shermer High School students have to spend the entire day in detention as punishment for poor behaviour (some worse than others). Andy (Emilio Estevez) is the jock on the school wrestling team, Claire (Molly Ringwald) is the princess primarily interested in shopping and make up, Bender (Judd Nelson) is the psychological bully from a rough home (he very quickly became my favourite character), Brian (Anthony Michael Hall) is the nerd, and Allison (Ally Sheedy) is described as the basket case. She really is just a little misunderstood.

The five barely know each other. Under the supervision of assistant principal Richard Vernon (Paul Gleason), they are confined to the library for the day and ordered to write a 1,000 word essay each of how they see themselves.

Initially the conversations are difficult and confrontational, and there is plenty of teasing, insulting and acrimony. But over the course of the day, they get to know each other, including uncovering family backgrounds and the reasons why they all ended up in detention. As they try to stay one step ahead of Vernon’s authoritarianism, the green shoots of respect and understanding begin to appear within the group.

One of my favourite quotes of all time comes from this movie and it is one that on the odd occasion I find myself thinking about when I am a little confused about where I am going with my life.

This being why I feel in today’s society this is still a strong powerful message. You never know what is going on behind closed doors, you don’t know just how much you will have in common with someone you may assume nothing would be in common. Take the time and just smile. I myself am guilty of not doing this as much as I should.)

The breakfast club is a film i talk about way too much but is a film that I felt deserved a review for the simple fact of my love for it. I think it is so easy to related to the characters because in one way or another we are all a little bit of the 5 characters. The film is jam packed with moving moments and inspirational quotes and that is just one of the reasons I am so in love with it.

Have you watched The Breakfast Club? What are your opinions?

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