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🎭📖Bookish/Theatre Bucket List📖🎭

Happy February,

I have seen a few other people do this and thought it was a really cool idea as someone who loves books and all things bookish, I thought it would be really cool to put together a Bookish/Theatre Bucket List!

So here is my list of 10 Bookish things I want to do:

  1. Attend a book event
  2. Visit 5 book/author inspired locations
  3. Read all the books I already own.
  4. Make or buy art of my favourite quotes
  5. Read at least 50 books.
  6. Visit more London/Brighton bookshops the quirkier the better
  7. Visit famous author/book locations one day.

My theatre bucket list consists of:

  1. Going to see Les Miserables
  2. Watching The Lion King on the West End
  3.  Watch a theatre show on Broadway (Phantom I think would be the best)
  4. Go and watch Dear Evan Hansen
  5. Attend a show at the Shakespeare Globe Theatre.

There are many other things that I would love to add to this list but a lot of them are just visiting and travelling to places that inspired or are featured in some of my favourite novels.

What is on your Bookish/Theatre bucket list?

Love Always,

Gee xo

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