A Trip to Hampton Court

Happy March!!!

This post has been a long time coming I have just never quite got round to writing it and deciding whether or not it was something I wanted to include on the blog but I have decided that I am going to post more about little days out. So we are starting with a day out from the summer that I never got round to publishing.

Hampton Court is one of my favourite places ever, that being said when I had to do my GCSE history project on Henry VII and Hampton Court and I was not the biggest fan. That being said I had the opportunity to go again recently and I do not know if it is as you get older you appreciate things more or whether it was the people I had gone with. But it was definitely a great experience. 


The outside has always seemed so impressive to me, its a sight that even if you have not been there you would know where it is just from a photo of the outside.img_0966

I love the fact that they try and make it an immersive experience and have characters walking around Hampton Court throughout the day. The day we went we were lucky enough to bump into Henry VII himself! (Okay well not himself but the actor.)


In the kitchen area, they were having a demonstration of how they made games from marzipan for when they had massive banquets. I loved how intricate all the little pieces are and how cool it was to watch them make it!


They also showed how to make a tradition pudding they would often have over Christmas periods or whenever there was a celebration.

Hampton Court has some of the best gardens in terms of the design, and how pretty the flowers are. Unfortunately, the day we went it was on and off raining but really really hot. As we went with young children it was not a good idea to be outside for long periods of time.


Finally, one of my favourite rooms is the rooms with the Tapestry’s as I just think they are so pretty and their history is really interesting.


Have you visited Hampton Court? What do you think?

Love Always,

Gee xo

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