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Fallen Light: A Book Review

Happy March!

I hope everyone is safe and well for today’s post I thought I would provide a review of a book that I have not read in its entirety but this is because it is being released chapter by chapter as it is a Wattpad novel.

The Author:

I felt like it was an important thing to mention that the author of this novel is the sweetest person I have ever had the joy to speak to and is extremely supportive of fellow writers and bloggers alike. She should be so so proud of the joy she brings readers by the creative and heart capturing novel she has created.

Holly, I do not tell you this enough but you are so so talented and honestly one of the most beautiful women ever.

Holly’s Social Media:

Twitter: Holly Dixon

Link to the book: Fallen Light


Fallen Light by Holly Dixon


It is extremely important for you to understand that the characters will pull at your heartstrings and capture your heart from the moment you meet them. Side note: I Cannot wait to hear what team you are on. That is all I am saying.

I love how easy it is to fall in love with the characters within this novel, the writing style of this novel because it honestly does appeal to its target audience so quickly.

Following her move with her mother Eva is set to experience a shock in the fact that this time could be completely different from all the other times she has had to move. different because she met him (I cannot tell you who as it will spoil the surprise.) It will hook you from the beginning.

Fallen Light is the perfect novel for all Twilight and Lucifer fans. I have to admit I picked my favourite character almost immediately. It is so easy to make a quick judgement on these characters but throughout each chapter the more details you gain and it is hard not to be in love with them.

I will warn you the fact that the whole book is not out yet, and therefore the cliffhangers will drive you made but it is well worth the wait each time.

With a little bit of luck, this novel will receive the same level of success as AFTER cause I will be honest with you I am dying to see a film of it.

Have you read this yet?

Love Always,

Gee xo

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  1. Wow this sounds so amazing and I am so so glad that I found your post! I’ve got it starred in my browser and I’m definitely going to try it out one of these days, thank you for sharing! 🙂

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