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Of Myth and Shadow- Review

Happy August!!

I hope everyone is safe and well! As you can tell there has not been much activity over on the blog due to some technical difficulties. However hopefully these have all been sorted and it should be back to normal. I am kicking off the return of the posts with the slightly delayed review of Of Myth and Shadow by Matthew Cox as part of the blog tour with Blackthorn Book Tours.

Title: Of Myth and Shadow
Author: Matthew Cox
Genre: Epic Fantasy


Aegaan is a vast and righteous kingdom, yet darkness gathers in the distant corners of the realm. Elven raids on small towns have inflamed racial tensions with humans, pushing distrust to hatred and the brink of war.

Anrael wanders the woods alone until a chance meeting tempts him to set aside his contempt for those who scorn his half-elven blood.

When Kylie, a naive elf terrified of humans, is thrust among them against her will, she begins to question her mother’s tales of dread.

Having lost everything dear to him, the bandit king Jhelan lives only to seek challenge in battle… until he finds himself willing to die protecting that which he hates the most.

The diabolical mystique of the dark elves cloaks L’an Thal’Sara in protection, but the cruelest lie she tells is to herself.

Thaelwyn, a virtuous knight, sets out to discover the source of the Elves’ aggression, but faces a much greater test within his mind.

Beneath the chaos, minions of the Destroyer search for their promised leader, a child possessing power beyond their years. If the innocent falls to darkness, a kingdom rife with hatred will surely crumble.

About the Author:

Author: Matthew Cox

Originally from South Amboy NJ, Matthew has been creating science fiction and fantasy worlds for most of his reasoning life. Since 1996, he has developed the “Divergent Fates” world in which Division Zero, Virtual Immortality, The Awakened Series, The Harmony Paradox, the Prophet of the Badlands series, and the Daughter of Mars series take place.

His books span adult, young-adult, and middle-grade fiction in multiple genres, predominantly science fiction, cyberpunk, post-apocalyptic, and fantasy.

Matthew is an avid gamer, a recovered WoW addict, developer of two custom tabletop RPG systems, and a fan of anime, British humour, and intellectual science fiction that questions the nature of humanity, reality, life, and what might happen after it.

He is also fond of cats, presently living with two: Loki and Dorian.

Social Media Links:

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Author Website:

My Review:

My first thoughts of this novel was that I know friends or a friend who would really enjoy this based on the fact they enjoy things such as Games workshop and Warhammer. As a fantasy novel I feel like the characters in this book would make very good characters for games created played in the stores. Matthew Cox as the author has done an outstanding job of making fantasy stories accessible to readers who may not enjoy fantasy is their first choice of genre. The way that he described his characters in the scenes have you hooked from the moment you start reading the book. As someone who is very fussy with a fantasy novels that she reads I believe this would be a good starting book for anyone who has an interest in becoming a fan of fantasy novels.

There are many layers to the story details that would appeal too many different types of reader. Matthew Cox as an author clearly has a talent when it comes to making the novels he writes intriguing and engaging to all audiences.

When I first started to read this novel it was almost daunting due to the size of book, however as a fan of books such as Harry Potter and the Twilight novels it is something I knew I would be able to complete. However sometimes I find with longer books that I struggle to stay engaged in the story; with Of Myth and Shadow I did not have this issue. In my personal opinion I would put this down to the talent of Matthew Cox, who has managed to create and a massive novel based on both the swords and sorcery side of the fantasy genre. This novel albeit a very large book has multiple different layers and intense complex characters to allow the reader to stay hooked.

I believe due to the in-depth story and characters Matthew Cox has managed to create a novel that covers many different things such as culture, history, politics and many more things without making the information seem irrelevant to the story. I believe that the reason the novel deserves the five stars I have given it is down to the fact that the more you know as you read, the more you want to continue to learn. I feel that it takes a special kind of book to do this.

Star Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Have you read this novel? What did you think? If not would you?

Love Always,

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