Favourite Halloween Films! – Blogtober Day 4!


Welcome to Blogtober day 6… How has it almost been a week already! October is going so fast! For today’s post I thought I would update a post from last year and see if anything has changed! I will be honest I know the majority of these answers will be the same. However it will give you some ideas of what film you could watch during a Halloween inspired autumn cosy night. (There is a future post coming with some of my favourite things to do!)

So here we are my top 10 favourite halloween films:

  1. Hocus Pocus

2. BeetleJuice

3. Practical Magic

4. Halloween Town

5. Labyrinth

6. The Addams Family

7. Casper

8. The Rocky Horror Picture Show

9. The Haunted Mansion

10. Hotel Transylvania

As you can probably tell I am not a huge fan of Horror films so I will tend to stick to the more magical and family friendly films around this time of the year. I however can promise you that I will have watched at minimum all of these during the countdown to Halloween!

What are some of your favourite Halloween Films? let me know in the comments!

Don’t forget to stay spooky!

Love Always,

Gee xoxo

24 thoughts on “Favourite Halloween Films! – Blogtober Day 4!

  1. Ooh! Like you, I’m not a horror fan but I don’t think I’ve seen any of these. Coming from someone else not a horror fan makes me feel like they’ll be safe, so will definitely be giving them a go. Can’t believe I’ve never seen Casper, that definitely needs rectifying!

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  2. I enjoy mildly scary movies around Halloween too. Love all those you mention. There’s a few Disney ones. It’s not specifically Halloween, but since it’s about witches, have you seen Twitches? or the Descendants?


  3. Hocus Pocus is my ultimate Halloween movie, I watch it every year 😂. Haunted Mansion is a throwback I had nearly forgotten all about, I’m going to need to rewatch it this year! Loving this list 🎃

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