All Things Crystals!- Blogtober Day 20!

Happy Spooky Season!

So today I thought I would let you in on something else that is a love of mine. All be it more so in the last two years, however I have a love for Crystals and I find them facinating. I have had mixed experiences with Crystals however a really strong disclaimer is that I do not know as much as I wish I did.

Crystals are something I have always been brought up around my mum used to keep crystals all over the house however I very much ignored them and didn’t want to know what they were for. It was not until 2018/19 when I went to an event with my best friend, where Amiee Carlton of LifeRocks was doing a talk about the benefits of Crystals and the Science of the Crystals and how they help us in day to day life that I had any interest in learning more. I felt an immediate need to talk to her however it was not until the second meeting with Amiee that I decided to book an appointment to see her. And well almost a year later I have a different out look on life. Things have changed for me pretty quickly and the last session I had with her was a tarot reading and I just wasn’t sure the outcome that we discussed was going to happen. Literally two months after this my entire life changed and I did something that terrified me and life is looking pretty good. Whether or not this is something you believe in these things I have to tell you that the different outlook on life you receive once you leave her is undeniable.

One of my favourite things about Amiee is that she will tell you the science behind them and never makes you feel stupid for asking questions. My first session with her was a healing session and I will be honest I did not expect to get as much out of it as I did. Personally, I have found this journey to be very emotional but, one of things I have learnt from her is that no matter what others may tell you, your emotions are valid but not unmanageable.

Another thing I have to mention is the gorgeous Copper water bottle I have from Life Rocks. It has a little pot for crystals and it infuses your water. I have to be honest I notice the difference a lot when I do not use this water bottle for a while.

After my move I found the most adorable crystal stand- The Crystal Therapy shop owned by Lorraine who literally has been super helpful on my journey with crystals and learning more about them. I also had a Crystal Healing session with her and I left feeling without sounding cheesy like I was walking on air. I never understood the importance of Chakra alignment properly until this appointment with Lorriane where it turns out I had a lot out of line. I am writing this post about two weeks after this appointment and it truly has been an emotional rollercoaster but I have still been feeling extremely positive about the future and where things will go.

I have bought a lot of crystals from Lorraine and I have to say it always feels so warm and welcoming coming into her store. Lorraine and her team are super friendly and helpful and it is always a pleasure to stop by.

What do you think about crystals? What is your favourite crystal?

Love always,

Gee xoxo

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