Small Business Spotlight – Inside the Fragrance!

Happy November!

We are back today with the second small business spotlight… Today we are talking about Inside The Fragrance! I am so proud of Alisha for starting Inside The Fragrance. On a side note she is the loveliest human ever! It has been a pleasure getting to support her!

A Little about Inside The Fragrance:

Inside The Fragrance was started back in September 2020.

They have the best smelling WAX MELTS ever!

A little note from Alisha:

Hi, I’m Alisha, and I created Inside The Fragrance in September 2020. Initially, my small business started as a multi-level marketing company called AF Scents, where I sold designer inspired fragrances. However, this quickly dwindled, and whilst out with my sister in Home Bargains, she introduced me to wax melts.

I know at the age of 22, and I had only just discovered wax melts. After buying a wax burner and a few scented melts, I was instantly hooked and frantically searched the internet for more to buy. Throughout this search, I discovered FizzyWhiz and realised not only were they selling wax melts but everything you would need to create your own. I was very intrigued and quickly purchased everything I needed. Thus, Inside The Fragrance was born – my name a play on my blog Inside The Voyage. I’m not one to start of slow and take my time, so I jumped right in.

I created all of my social media handles and began promoting the only four scents I had. Luckily, my friends and family were my first and most prominent supporters. After receiving some fantastic reviews, I purchased more fragrance oils and began to build my stock. I was sending out tester packages to bloggers – receiving constructive criticism to enhance my business further. I then bought a small stall on my local arts and crafts market and began to sell my products to a broader audience. Unfortunately, the second lockdown commenced the week after this and I was only able to run my stall the once. However, it is still early days, and though lockdown is keeping most of us tied to our houses, I am immensely proud of how my business is coming along.

Now I have more than 20 fragrances and several supporters across the UK. I want to say a quick thank you to anyone and everyone who has supported me throughout this journey and those who continue to support me today and thank you to Gee for giving me this platform to share my business further.

My Notes:

I was lucky enough to be sent some of these amazing wax melts by the lovely Alisha and I was thrilled to receive some that smelt like Christmas. If you know me well then you will know that Christmas is my favourite time of the year, I literally turn into a big kid. So the fact that when I opened the package it smelt so much like everything Christmassy, I was already in love.

I was kindly given several different Wax Melts to try out and they all smell so good! I was so happy to get a mixture of different scents. That being said my most favourite scents have been the Apple Cinnamon scent because in all honesty it reminds me of some of my favourite Christmas memories!

Working with Alisha has been an utter pleasure and I have loved getting to know more about Inside the Fragrance!

Social Media Handles:

Twitter: Inside The Fragrance/ Inside the Voyage

Instagram: Inside The Fragrance

What are your favourite Wax Melt Scents?

Love Always,

Gee xoxo

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