Happy Monday!

It is officially the last day in November so you know what that means tomorrow is the start of BLOGMAS!!! Which everyone knows is my favourite time of the year! This year I have decided to put a lot more time into preparing for Blogmas and I am super excited for you guys to see what I have got planned for Blogmas 2020!

I thought a small post to explain what it is and how it is going to work would be a good place to start but did not want to waste a day of FESTIVITIES on this explanation.

What is Blogmas?

Blogmas is when you write a blog post for every day in December leading up to CHRISTMAS DAY!! That is 24/25 posts depending on whether you have one for Christmas day. As you will know that is a lot of writing and putting them together, so I may have started this a little early to make sure they are all up to date and ready to go! For context this post was written at the beginning of October!! However that being said I am super excited for Blogmas this year.

Just like Blogtober I have had the wonderful Michelle create me a logo for my Blogmas this year and I am obsessed! Fully obsessed with what she has come up with and it gave me the opportunity to support a small business and I hope you like it just as much as I do.


Blogmas Schedule 2020:

This Blogmas I have tried to mix things up a little so I hope there is something for everyone. It’s time to Step into Christmas over on All Things Gee!

  1. Favourite Christmas Movies
  2. December TBR
  3. Small Business Spotlight
  4. Christmas Playlist
  5. Favourite Christmas Traditions
  6. Winter Cosy Night in Essentials
  7. How Stuff Up Christmas (Book Review)
  8. Brighton Lights at Christmas
  9. DIY Advent Calendar
  10. Winter Q and A
  11. A letter to Santa
  12. Christmas Gift Guide
  13. Day off from Blogmas
  14. Favourite things about Christmas
  15. The Magic of Christmas – A Book Review
  16. Christmas Decorations 2020
  17. Christmas baking ideas
  18. Favourite Christmas books
  19. Favorite winter lipsticks
  20. What Christmas means to you
  21. BlogTour- Amari and the Nightbrothers
  22. Blogmas Post Ideas
  23. How you get into the Christmas spirit
  24. Christmas Eve Festivities!
  25. Happy Christmas!

Anyone who knows me will know this is something that is right up my street as it is my favourite time of year! So let’s do this!!

I hope you enjoy my take on Blogmas! If you are taking part in Blogmas Good Luck! I cannot wait to read them all. Please feel free to leave your links in the comments I would love to see more of you! If you are not taking part what is your favourite thing about Christmas!

Let the festivities begin.

Love Always,

Gee xo

19 thoughts on “BLOGMAS 2020!

  1. I attempted Blogmas a few years ago and decided I couldn’t cope with it again! I am trying to post every day, however, just not all Christmas-themed… does that count?! Enjoy the festivities and I look forward to seeing what you have planned 🙂

  2. Congratulations on having the planning and organization to take on Blogmas this year. I did Blogtober but decided I would take it a little easier as far as the holiday season is concerned lol That being said, I’m looking forward to all of your fun posts. This year, with the restrictions limiting holiday get togethers, I expect I’ll be spending more time reading holiday-themed content instead.

  3. I found your blog bu searching the hashtag #blogmas on Twitter. I’m excited for your posts. I’m also doing Blogmas this year for the very first time.

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