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The Magpie Society- A Book Review

Happy April!

I hope you are all well and safe! I have been so excited for this blog post because if we are being honest I knew I had to read this book the moment that it was released. For several different reasons 1. I love Zoe Sugg and I love that I have basically grown up alongside her content. 2. My Best friend and I have a lot of jokes when it comes to Magpies and 3. This book could not be any more up my street if it tried. So the moment it was released I knew I had to head and pick it up.

I finish reading The Magpie Society in two days. I literally could not put it down. So I thought it would only be fair to share these opinions with you.

RELEASE DATE:  29 October 2020

Format: Paperback

Pages: 330

Publisher: Penguin Books


Illumen Hall is an elite boarding school. Tragedy strikes when the body of a student is discovered at their exclusive summer party – on her back is an elaborate tattoo of a magpie.

When new girl Audrey arrives the following term, running from her own secrets back home in America, she is thrown into solving the case. Despite her best efforts to avoid any drama, her new roommate Ivy was close to the murdered girl, and the two of them can’t help but get pulled in.

The two can’t stand each other, but as they are drawn deeper into the mystery of this strange and terrible murder, they will discover that something dangerous is at the heart of their superficially perfect school.

Welcome to The Magpie Society.

One for Sorrow will be told via the alternating first person perspectives of the lead characters Audrey – written by Amy – and Ivy – written by Zoe – with the narrative being jointly plotted by both authors.

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My Review:

If you have been around here for a while you will know that any books that are a little gothic in nature are bound to go down well with me. This was something that I loved about this book.

If you know me you know I had such high expectations from this book because I am a huge fan of Zoe. I was not disappointed. This book for me once I managed to get the time to read it in a block was an incredibly quick read.

The mystery of this book reminded me of the old style of classic gothic mysteries but set in todays society. I liked the way this was written as it showed a little bit of each of the authors styles of writing.

As always I am trying not to give you spoilers of the books I am reviewing. The authors did a great job of keeping the mystery alive throughout the entire novel and their writing styles collaborated smoothly to give you two characters which really give something for everyone.

I have so many questions about this book but as I know there is a second follow up book coming I cannot wait to see what they have planned for the rest of this story.

Star Rating:

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Have you read The Magpie Society? What did you think?

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