Coffeetzar -Coffee Shop Reviews: A Series

Happy July!!

I hope you are all keeping safe and well as we enter July. I thought it would be the perfect time to share with you a little idea I have been toying with for a little while. A new little series I am bringing to All Things Gee. Over the next few months you will see a few new forms of content heading your way. Do not worry the book reviews are here to stay but I felt it was time to expand a little and let my creativity flow a little bit more.

Starting with the edition of Coffee Shop reviews now as someone who spends a lot of their time in Coffee shops (okay normally it is either to do work or read a book) I thought it would be a fun idea to start a little series reviewing a bunch of Coffee shops I visit. However it was only right that I start with one of my all time favourite Coffee shops in Brighton. It is highly likely you would find me sat outside with my book.


Although you only tend to find me in one of their shops, they actually have two locations. One at the top of the Lanes in Trafalgar Square and one in Kemptown. The cafés have the best little vibes and aesthetic around them. To me they remind me of the best meet cute locations within films and books. (I wonder if it may be found in a book or film soon). I love that everything is very clean and simple but yet has a real homey vibe about it. The one on Trafalgar Square is set on the corner of its street opposite a little private garden which reminds me a lot of the film Notting Hill.


From savouries to cakes. They provide a wide range of products that would appeal to everyone. They also make the cakes from scratch and you honestly can tell. They also make the most incredible vegan cakes. I have tried several over the amount of times I have been in this little cafe but my favourite has to be their red velvet cake. I love a good red velvet and theirs maybe my favourite.

Shown in this picture is their mint, pineapple and banana smoothie, alongside their raspberry and lemon polenta cake. Which I have to add is insanely tasty.


If you know me well you know I love me some coffee and it is certainly one of the main things I love about Coffeetzar. I have never had a bad cup of coffee in their store and I know that I can always grab a great cup of coffee from them. I tend to always go for my favourite of either a vanilla or hazelnut latte… sometimes an iced latte depending on what I am feeling for the day. I also love that they have a loyalty card which you can get stamped every time you have a coffee and you collect them for a free coffee.

shown in this photo is where you will normally find me outside with a good book and one of their lattes.


Now this happens to be my favourite thing about the cafe, if you are looking for the world’s nicest staff who without fail will always put a smile on your face, you need to visit.

The owners are honestly some of the most incredibly kind people I have ever met and the staff they hire really match their vibe.

They are always happy to help and you can tell that they love where they work.

Overall Thoughts:

This little spot of heaven never fails to put me in a good mood and I love being able to stroll in and pick up a great cup of coffee along with a nice little chat with the people in there. Coffetzar provides a home away from home feel with the most incredible food and drinks. Not forgetting their outstanding customer service and the tempting cakes. It will be on my list of favourites for an incredibly long time I am sure.

Star Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

What is your favourite coffee shop? What is your go to order?

Love Always,

Gee xoxo

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