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Happy July!

I hope everyone is keeping safe and well! Whilst this post goes up I will finally be graduating or at least having the ceremony just a little late. It is all exciting stuff!

Today’s post is one I am very excited to share with you guys. If you have been around for a while I am sure by now you will have heard of Poems By Post! However today we are back with a little post all about them but this time I was lucky enough to be sent a copy of this months subscription to share with you guys!

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Who are they?

Poems By Post… if you have been around for a little while you will of heard of them before, and in all honesty if you know me personally I did not shut up about them for months. I had the absolute pleasure of working with these guys for a little while and not only are Alex and Reuben some really cool people, they also are part of an incredible platform.

Poems By Post is a subscription service which was created by a street poet called Alex during the first lockdown. This platform has been created to support the arts, small business and also has donated to several different charities. The platform was created to give a voice to the arts and to small business, whilst really trying to champion their voices.

Changing the world with one poem at at time.

What do they do?

By now I am sure you all know what they do but I just cannot get over how simple yet creative the concept is.

Poems By Post is a subscription service which allows you to get a poem in the post every month (yep, it does what it says on the tin). Each month the poet changes and alongside the poet there is a hugely talented artist, who creates art work inspired by the poem.

Not only are you receiving a poem in the post you are helping to support so many small businesses and creative minds. However this would not be possible without you guys subscribing.

A random side note I love that they have included a page on the website with all the information about the featured poets and artists, which includes their pronouns. I think this is pretty awesome!

July’s subscription:

I was lucky enough to receive July’s subscription in the post in exchange for this post. What an experience this was.

Not only do you get a typewriter copy of the months poem, you also get a card that you can send on to someone else.

July’s Poem:

July’s Poet was Matt Alton

Home To Call Your Own

My favourite line of this poem is “but a castle of new stories each morning, as you fling wide its doors” as someone who is a self proclaimed bookworm , who loves the idea of being the main character of their own lives. This line just hit different.

Card/Art design:

July’s Artist was Fay Troote.

I was going to show the inside of the card however I knew immediately who I wished to send the card off to and well I was just a little too excited to get writing to them. They themselves are the reason I fell in love doing drama at school and started my complete love of the theatre. So it was only right that I shared this little bit of art with them.

You also get a emailed newsletter with some updates about Poems by Post, which starts with a little note from Alex and if I am being honest these always make me smile because he channels himself so much into the little introductions, it is like being back in the office with him. All it is missing is Reuben randomly putting my name into songs that I cannot listen to anymore without hearing it. It is all fun and games.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Link to subscription:

*Affilate link is included which means I earn a commission on every sign up made through this link. at no extra cost to you*

Link to Subscribe

Anyone who loves literature, art, poetry or even just the idea of being able to support small businesses will love this platform. I know I do. As someone who does nothing but read it is something I had to tell you all about!

Who doesn’t want to support artists, support small businesses all while getting a beautiful poem to read. Why not gift it to a friend or family member.

Links to Poems By Post Social Medias:


Twitter: PoemsByPost

Facebook: PoemsByPost

As always a massive thank you to Alex and Reuben for the opportunity to work with you guys again.

Do you like the sound of Poems By Post?

Love Always,

Gee xoxo

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