Blogtober day 9: Favourite Halloween Memories

Happy October!

Welcome to Day 9 of Blogtober, that’s right day 9! How have we already almost had a week of Blogtober! It’s crazy! I hope you guys are enjoying it. Today’s post is a round up of some of my favourite Halloween memories.

The thing about halloween is that I was never a massive fan of Halloween when I was younger (which if you know me know seems a little insane). I used to find the spookiness way too much to handle. These days it is one of my favourite times of the year and I have to embrace my spookiness.

Halloween became more of a thing for me the year before I started uni and then just continued to grow into one of my favourite seasons due to some of the best people in my life. I thought this Blogtober I would share with you some of my favourite memories of Halloween.

One of my favourite memories of Halloween has to be decorating the house with my best friend and spending forever carving pumpkins. This year I have a house to decorate by myself but like every year there will be a tribute to one of my favourite people with making sure that the witch we have that matches is hung up before anything else.

Obviously my favourite pumpkin was my Nightmare Before Christmas one, it took forever but I was super proud of this one.

This photo was taken a couple years ago in Covent Garden on one of my favourite days ever, we were getting ready to go and see Waitress the musical and had decided to stop in Covent Garden for some afternoon tea and they had the most beautiful Cinderella themed pumpkin display, this was made that much more magical by being with my fellow Halloween loving best friend.

When I started writing about my favourite halloween memories I didn’t think that this would be the way it went but it allowed me to reflect on somethings so here we go. I never used to like Halloween but looking back on it I think the reason Halloween was never a favourite season for me is because I never had any good memories attached to it and then I met my best friend who in all honesty change the way I looked at several different aspects of life.

So it is true that all of my favourite memories of Halloween are attached to some of the greatest people in my life and I could not be any more grateful for having the most supportive and uplifting friends. It turns out that some family are those that you chose to be family. These two are family that I refuse to lose ever.

What are your favourite Halloween memories?

Love Always,

Gee xoxo

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