Blogtober Day 10: History Of Harwich, England

Happy October!

If you have been keeping up with All Things Gee the last couple weeks you will know that I have moved. It seemed fitting that for one of the posts this Blogtober we did a little research into the History of Harwich! (The spooky stuff only). After a lot of research it was incredibly interesting to learn about the connections to Witchcraft and other stories linked to Harwich!

A Brief History of Harwich:

Where is Harwich?

Harwich is a town in Essex, England and one of the Haven ports, located on the coast with the North Sea to the east. It is in the Tendring district. 

History of Harwich- Witchcraft:

It is said that between (1601-1638) in Harwich there were Witch Trials & Capital Punishment from The Three Cups. It has been said that Twenty Seven women from Harwich were trialed for Witchcraft and were hanged. (Now to be clear this is just a brief history and I am aware that these trials were horrific) but there is something to be said for educating yourself in a subject you are interested in.

The punishments took place in a mansion house called The Three Cups (the site was at 64 Church Street, and is now in residential use). Which if you know me you will know that this is super interesting.

Image not mine

‘Haunted’ locations in and around Harwich:

The Thorn, in Mistley:

This one I found incredibly interesting due to its links to the Witch Trials which in a couple posts time you will learn is something I find interesting. The Thorn hotel and restaurant is said to stand at the site of an older but that the self proclaimed Witchfinder General Matthew Hopkins tried and sadly condemned to death a large number of local women that had been accused of Witchcraft.

More than 300 women are believed to have been executed for witchcraft between 1644 and 1646, a large number of whom would have done so at the hands of Mistley’s infamous self-proclaimed Witchfinder general Matthew Hopkins.

I can hear you ask how is this a ghost story… well let me tell you… according to a large number of sources the ghost of Hopkins can be seen at this location.

Is there any history around Witchcraft where you live? Let me know in the comments.

Love Always,

Gee xoxo

2 thoughts on “Blogtober Day 10: History Of Harwich, England

  1. Poor women – for as long as we can remember, the whole fall of humanity has been placed at out feet! Our power, galvanises and encourages many yet scares others. Fascinating tales from your area. Thank you for sharing x

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