Blogmas Day 24: Christmas Eve

Happy December!

Happy Christmas Eve!!!!!

you some of my Christmas traditions when it comes to Christmas Eve.. past and present traditions. So here we go. Here are some of my traditions when it comes to Christmas Eve.

1.Spending it with my Nephews:

This is something I haven’t done in a few years but something we used to do a lot. Me and mum used to take their presents over Christmas Eve and then spend the day with my sister and her partner and my nephews. We also used to order a Chinese. I used to love reading to them Christmas Eve night and watching them run away to bed all excited to see if Santa had been the next day or Not.

2.Watching Elf / A muppets Christmas carol:

A  Christmas film on Christmas Eve is just a must wrapped up with a blanket and a hot chocolate fully embracing the magic of Christmas. The film would usually be A muppets Christmas carol or Elf but I must admit this time it was The Holiday and I have a new found love for Jack Black and Jude Law.

3.New pjs (matching obviously)

A tradition that is kind of new for mum and me. Is to gift new pjs to wear Christmas Eve.. obviously they have to be matching.

This year it ended up being a very quiet Christmas Eve. It however was a lovely Christmas Eve full of food and Christmas movies.

What are your Christmas Eve traditions?

Love Always,

Gee xoxo

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